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Upvc Door Lock Repairs

One2One Locksmiths Basingstoke offer specialist upvc lock repairs, due to our in-depth knowledge on the mechanics and operation of the type of multipoint locking system, found in this type of door or window.

Both David and I have been servicing and carrying out repairs to UPVC double glazed doors since they were introduced on the market. We both have fully stocked vans carrying a wide range of upvc spare parts to ensure we can repair your upvc lock problem on the same day!

The multipoint locking systems are also found on composite doors, especially on new build properties. Care and maintenance should be taken seriously, as it can become difficult and expensive for door opening on a jammed lock. Lock opening of a jammed door lock should be left to the professional, as if you do not have the expertise it can cause more damage and make the job twice as difficult.

There is a huge range of multipoint lock manufactures with various size, measurements and operation to consider when searching for a replacement lock. David and I have a well-established network of suppliers, so we can always provide a genuine lock replacement or lock change solution, even when your current faulty lock is obsolete.

One2One engineer opening door

Common Upvc lock problems

Door jammed shut - This situation is normally caused by a lock mechanism failure, where the gearbox will no longer retract the hooks, bolts or rollers. It is advised to call us to provide our door opening service, as we have the specialist tools and knowhow to prevent costly damage.

Key snapped in lock

We find that poor quality copy keys are the main culprit. It is strongly advised to always have genuine key copies as a prevention. We have expert extraction methods to remove broken or snap keys.

Upvc handle loose or handle has come off

Unfortunately over time wear and tear can cause your door handle to become loose or even break. We carry a wide range of the most popular sizes and variations, lever/lever and offset door handle furniture.

Upvc door dropped

Often due to an alignment issue, we can normally solve this issue by adjusting the hinges or lock keeps on frame to enable the door to fit square in the frame. Is best to get this issue solved when you first notice, as continual use will cause stress and pressure to the gearbox lock case.

Hook or bolt sticking out preventing door closing

This is normally due to an ongoing alignment issue or lack of maintenance, causing friction and stress on the gearbox. A gearbox replacement is normally required to rectify the fault.

Key left on inside

It is always good practice to remove any key from the inside of the lock. The reason being is the cylinder will only work from one side, which prevents you being able to use a key from the opposite side.

UPVC window lock repairs

Missing keys

whether you have just moved into a new home and not been provided any window keys, or your last key has gone missing, we have you covered. If they are all in a locked position, we can have them picked open and provide new keys in no time. It is always good to note that most insurance policies require you to have keyed window locks on all ground floor windows, but it is always good practice to have locks throughout the property to enhance security.

Window mechanism jammed

If you find that the window handle turns, but will not open, it usually means the mechanism has a failed spindle, or the rods have become disengaged with the mechanism. We have specialist knowledge and tools to open the window with minimal damage and can get the window operational.